Terms & Conditions

What is the Lexus Owners Club?

The UK Lexus Owners Club was founded in late 2001 out of passion for the brand and its superb cars! It has since grown into the UK’s Number 1 club with more than 45,000 members. The UK club has established sister organisations in the US, Australia and Europe, thus creating an amazing network of more than 240,000 members!

Can you guarantee I will get discounts?

In all honesty, the answer is “no”. All listed discounts have been kindly provided by the dealers or other companies at their own discretion. It is very rare that these discounts are not being offered. Should this though be the case, we would hugely appreciate if you could let us know. Email: gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk

Are all Lexus Dealers offering discounts?

No. We have approximately 80% of UK Lexus dealers listed..

May I see the list of participating dealers on the Gold discount list before I sign up to Gold Membership?

Please note, participating dealers will ask Gold members to show their membership card before providing discounts. We are happy to let you know how many participating dealers are in our county, before you sign up. Please email us at gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk and we will check the list for you. Ideally, please state your preferred dealer and neighbouring ones.

Can you negotiate a discount from a company for me?

Sure! We will try our best. Again, please email us at gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk with the details of the company you wish us to contact..

What Payment methods do you accept

We currently accept payments via Paypal, cheques and bank transfers.

How long does it take for my membership card to arrive?

Membership card usually arrive within 14 days. To cater for that, we are automatically adding 14 days to your membership period on the day of sign up.

I do not have a gold logo under my name in the clubs public forums?

Please email us at gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk with your username and we will be happy to add your logo.

I cannot post my car for sale in the public section!

Please email us at gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk with your username and we will be happy to upgrade your forum account to enable you to post in the for sale section.

I cannot log in to the main forums, but I am a already a Gold member!

The clubs public forums and the gold membership area are two separate forums. If you have never signed up to the public forums before then please register to the public forums. Then email us gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk with your username so we can upgrade your public forum account to reflect your status as gold member.

How do I resubscribe?

Please log in here and use the resubscribe drop down menu to resubscribe.

How do I cancel my membership?

Memberships must be cancelled within 14 days of sign up. To cancel please email gold@lexusownersclub.co.uk with your sign up details and we will refund you. Please read our full terms and conditions.

Weve saved our members over 400,000
Nick, Lexus Owner - 'What great offers, I saved over £60 on my car insurance which paid for my membership twice over! Next time Ill be signing up for two years!' - I saved over £156 as a Gold Member!

Lexus Swindon

Participating dealers of the Gold Members scheme listed by county.

Avon 1
Berkshire 2
Buckinghamshire 1
Cambridgeshire 1
Cheshire 1
Cleveland 1
County Antrim 1
Derbyshire 1
Devon 1
Dorset 1
East Sussex 1
Essex 2
Gloucestershire 1
Greater Manchester 1
Hampshire 1
Hertfordshire 1
Leicestershire 1
Lincolnshire 1
Merseyside 1
Norfolk 1
Nottinghamshire 1
Oxfordshire 1
South Glamorgan 1
South Yorkshire 1
Staffordshire 1
Suffolk 1
Surrey 2
Tyne and Wear 1
West Midlands 3
West Yorkshire 1
Wiltshire 1
Worcestershire 1
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